shutterstock_30062206Yoga may at first appeal to us for any number of reasons, we may wish to become a little healthier in the body, or approach yoga as an antidote to a stressful lifestyle; we may even be seeking understanding of some of the more profound questions that life poses. That which we may discover through yoga will not ultimately be decided by the reason we came, but that with which we approach. Should we approach with sincerity and a little humility, the fruit of this timeless and ageless subject may be found to be especially sweet.

Yoga can be enjoyed by anyone, and through the practices of yoga such as asana, through which the body is opened, released and strengthened or meditation, through which our attention is allowed to come back home, we are invited to become present, to simply be here now. Yoga offers the opportunity not to simply collect knowledge but rather to cultivate understanding, and to possibly understand ourselves as more than a story. It is a practice of great beauty which calls directly to the heart, and helps cultivate a tranquil stillness in which the hearts echo may be heard and recognised once again.

Should you simply be a curious beginner or a long time explorer, please feel free to come along and enjoy a class or one to one session, it will be a pleasure to meet.