I found yoga many years ago in the 90’s, just around the time Kurt Cobain was introducing everyone to teen spirit, and the only walls people were talking about were wonderwalls, built by those two brothers from Manchester. Between then and now it’s taken me throughout the UK, to the United States and so many times to India; and quite beyond explanation it still feels as fresh and as wonderful as it did back then.

However in many ways yoga is very different to what I chanced upon all those years ago, as back then it was not so much of a viable commodity, which meant it was not sold so much. In the intervening years however I have seen it re-cast in a hundred different ways and dressed up in just as many outfits. I recognised quite early however that I couldn’t do that; I couldn’t market anything, least of all myself. So I decided that I would just have a website and leave it at that, and if people were to come along then it would happen naturally, and we would enjoy some yoga, exactly as I found it all those years ago and continue to find it today.

I have been incredibly fortunate as I have now been teaching yoga for many years and have had some of the most wonderful yogis pass through class, and  many remain to this day, whilst some have gone on to teach themselves. We also have new people coming along for the first time all the time. So if you are an old hand and been walking this path even longer than myself or you just would like to drop in for the first time and see what it’s all about then please come along and say hello.



forever now

forever now was written in 2005 and comprises of almost two hundred stand-alone pages based on the yoga philosophy of Advaita Vedanta. It extends an invitation to go beyond the stories we tell about ourselves, and in turn notice that there really is something that is ever present –  please feel free to get in touch should you wish to purchase a copy.